SLY Yachts 48

Sailing with Italian Panache

Sly 48 – the Flagship

The Sly 48 is the Sly Marine and Marco Lostuzzi concept yacht and new philosophy that puts the boatyard at the service of the owners’ various needs.

No longer just “a” boat, but a made-to-measure solution for owners who like racing in a fleet or cruising with the family.

Colour, fun and functionality come together for the Sly 48 interior with constant study and care for the best use of space for every need while your sailing or moored.

Sly 48 C for Cruisers

Sly 48 C has all top-of-the-range comforts for fun and easy long-range sailing, even with a reduced crew. ?The new deck layout is the main novelty compared to the previous models.

The shape has a distinctive, elegant profile with its semi-raised saloon, attractively highlighted by the addition of a large window in the roof.

  • Self-tacking jib
  • Generous cockpit with room ergonomic seating
  • Astern located winches to leave guest area free during sailing
  • Clean rigging with ropes returning below deck
  • Shaded area thanks to the cleverly concealed Bimini
  • Wide and clear side decks ensuring maximum safety crew is working
  • Courtesy lights are flush-deck fitted in the cockpit, side decks integrated on the boom.
  • Stowage for cruising with 4 cubic metres of lockers
  • 530 litres of fresh water shared among 4 tanks for boat balance and Bluewater cruising
  • Excellent visibility from helms stations

Sly 48 R for Racers

With its streamlined shape and rugged profile, the Sly 48 R was born to race.

Optimized for both IRC and ORC racing, its unique deck layout offers plenty of room to operate and a spacious sail locker.

The interior features composite bulkheads and lightweight furniture that combine minimalism and comfort showing attractive and extremely practical spaces.

It is excellent for fast and easy cruising both medium and long distances.

  • Generous sail plan, light displacement and efficient appendages for high performance in all condition, better wave passing and reduced stress on rigging and structures
  • Carbon fibre mast with 2 spreaders back-swept 20°
  • Shrouds and forestays are in intermittent rod
  • Furling genoa system is inbuilt below-deck
  • Boom, spreaders, bowsprit and rudder shaft are made from carbon
  • Double rudders installed in the large open-bow cockpit
  • The interiors is identical to the 48 C and in lightweight material to optimise overall displacement


There are plenty of novelties in the interior fittings and its semi-raised saloon enhances both saloon and living areas providing an excellent view on the outside and plenty of light on the inside.

The bilge can be converted for tooling storage. The mast-on-the-roof solution gives heaps of free space and eliminates water from the bilge.

A series of innovative interior solutions devised by the Sly style team are in line with the latest design trends and accordingly to the owners’ requirements.

Sly i2 – Integral Infusion

The exclusive “Sly i2” infusion technology was developed by Sly Marine to guarantee quality and safety on board the Sly Yachts.

It allows perfect integration between the laminate base of the hull bottom and the structures lengthways and width ways. This avoids differences in the laminates and inaccuracies in the boat’s structure that would be the case with sequential processes.

The hull and structure becomes a single unit which guarantees solidity and reliability.

Sailing Performances

The use of glass and carbon fibres sandwiched with epoxy-Vinylester resins, together with the innovative Sly i2 Integral Infusion make the Sly 48 unique.

The light displacement, more rigidity and less torsion provide greater reliability and durability in the long term.

This kind of construction, together with excellent weight distribution, facilitates glide and maneuvers both by engine and by sailing. It improves wave cutting and lessens the load on both rigging and structure.

Careful structural planning and painstaking work in the testing tank define innovative and effective water lines in terms of performance and guarantees simple handling and stable steering.

Sly Hybrid

The Sly Hybrid system can be installed on the Sly 48.

It includes an electric engine coupled to the propeller shaft plus a diesel engine. The electric engine is necessary to enter protected areas and to reduce noise and pollution when maneuvering in the harbour.

The diesel engine guarantees greater autonomy and freedom on the open sea.

It is completely automated and the electric engine has over 40 minutes of autonomy at 5 knots.