SLY Yachts 43

Winning choices for an exceptional sport cruiser.

The Sly 43 celebrates the beginning of a new era for Sly Yachts as they team up with the 2015 World Superyachts Design Award winner Nauta Yachts.

After carefully considering all the positive attributes of the multi-award winning Sly 42, the expert team and shipyard started a new mission… to produce a sailboat for easy, sporty, stylish and safe sailing.

Its winning features include light displacement and maximised load resistance for excellent performance and Nauta Yachts’ know-how in aesthetics, functional planning and interior design.

A Touch of Perfection

Every detail is noticed on the Sly 43… from liveability to manoeuvrability.

Design, execution and advanced materials all contribute to the final product – a performance cruiser ready for racing or cruising.

The inner layout is easily adaptable for racing or cruising in an instant all the while presenting for practical and elegant living.

Sly 43 Features

  • Large cockpit for entertaining or full crew when racing
  • Open transom for easy access and drainage due to long glide at high speed
  • Improved jib traveller sheeting angle from the coach roof
  • Plenty of hatches for optimum ventilation and light
  • Adaptable design allowing simple adjustments for race and/or cruise mode

Efficient Performance

The Sly 43 hull and deck are a high-tech confection of E-glass laminates sandwiching a PVC foam core infused by epoxy-Vynilester resin.

The hull is truly a carbon affair as the reinforced carbon grid is vacuum bagged and laminated to it for integrity. The bulkheads are also composite resulting in light displacement, great stiffness and torsional resistance.