Sly Yachts

Ultra modern and the ultimate in luxury fast cruising, the Sly Yachts range from 38 to 61 feet for a state-of-the-art sailing experience.

Built in Italy and made for New Zealand conditions, Sly sailboats are competitive and comfortable, perfect for the varying conditions in and around our islands.

Sly Yachts get attention for their sleek design, build and high performance however their research and develop is just as much geared toward safety and comfort.

Designed to get you to your destination fast, the functionality and Italian styling below are especially welcome on the days when our weather is not so kind.

The performance oriented yachts are made of high-tech carbon-fibre with epoxy resins using the sophisticated vacuum bagging process. Ultimately, this ensures you a lightweight rigid hull for long-term durability.

43% of the overall weight of the boat is concentrated in the lead fin and bulb. This facilitates glide and manoeuvres especially responsive to New Zealand’s strong wind and seas.

Plenty of options are available from the Sly range for boat owners wanting something fast and handy around the cans. The cockpit and interior layouts make it a brilliant entertainer as well.

Sly Yachts offers plenty if you want the wow factor, top performance and a clean, uncluttered Italian style and design above and below deck.

Sly Yachts

SLY Yachts 61

A radical new yacht in the sailing world, the Sly 61 delivers the trademark high-tech features while ensuring owners outstanding handling and comfort in a Bluewater cruising. Read More >>

SLY Yachts 54

Contemporary and classic elements are intelligently blended into the clean, streamlined and extremely elegant profile of the Sly 54. Understated in excellence, the Sly 54 is the new benchmark in fast cruising. Read More >>

SLY Yachts 48

The Sly 48 is the Sly Marine and Marco Lostuzzi concept yacht and new philosophy that puts the boatyard at the service of the owners’ various needs. No longer just "a" boat, but a made-to-measure solution for owners who like racing in a fleet or cruising with the family. Read More >>

SLY Yachts 43

The Sly 43 celebrates the beginning of a new era for Sly Yachts as they team up with the 2015 World Superyachts Design Award winner Nauta Yachts. Read More >>

SLY Yachts 38

The Sly 38 is a genuine sailboat… enjoyable and an easy-to-sail fast performance cruising yacht. You’ll get a full sensory experience with optimal performance and modern living conditions above and below deck. Read More >>

SLY Yachts 42 Fun

The Sly 42 Fun performance yacht combines the joy of sailing while packing power, functionality and comfort for everyone on board. Read More >>